In DCish for the weekend

Well, actually I’ve not seen DC.  I’ve seen downtown Silver Spring, and I’ve seen the inside of the office.  But…I’m having a good time.  Tonight we’re meeting up in Annapolis for some good times. 

It’s interesting to be here.  I thought that I was an extremely organized person…turns out that I’m so not.  The AA here in the DC office is probably one of the most detail oriented people that I have ever met in my life.  Seriously.  It amazes me how perfectly we all are matched up with our managers in this company.  If I worked with her manager, he probably would have fired me long ago…

I’m looking forward to heading to National Community Church on Sunday.  I think that I may visit the Georgetown site…I’ve always wanted to see Georgetown.  Hopefully the weather will clear up so that I can walk around and see some sights.  Who knows…maybe I’ll want to move here.  So far, the people are far nicer in this area than they are in Philadelphia.  Guys hold doors for gals, offer to drive them across the street…I could easily get used to this.

But…I’d miss some aspects of Philadelphia as well.  Ok…one aspect.  Two if you include the family.  But I may be able to recover.

Gotta run and make myself all pretty for tonight.  Watch out Annapolis.  Here I come.  LOL

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