My postmodern life

Here’s another installment of the roller coaster that is my life.

“So, how far do you live from FH?”  “50 miles.”  “Wow, that will be a big commitment.”  “Yes, but I’m willing to make the commitment.  I’m thinking of renting an apartment in the city.”  “Well, don’t rent that place just yet.  You may want to move closer.  The CEO wants all headquarters people to be at HQ.”  “Oh, am I a HQ person?  I’ve been unclear on that.”  “Give me 5 days to answer your question.”

Ummm….ok.  This was an actual converation that happened today.  I’m not actually insane, in case you thought I was.  I just never know whether I am coming or I am going.  But…I do know Who knows what will happen.  Rather than worry, I’m beginning to laugh it off.  ‘Cause at this point, it’s kind of funny.

I really do have to call that guy about that apartment…

Did you take a moment to sponsor a child yet? What are you waiting for?

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