Compassion trip

Driving home tonight was treacherous.  But I feel absolutely ridiculous even mentioning the weather. 

The entirety of my being is being stirred right now. I’ve been following the blogs of the group that is currently in Uganda with Compassion International.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check this out.  If you check out the links, read the blogs, look at the pictures, I promise that, if you are human, you will not be the same.  A few weeks ago, I heard about the trip because I read a few of those blogs on a daily basis.  I chose to sponsor a child in Uganda.  We are birthday buddies, and he is almost the same age as my oldest nephew.  His name is Peter.  I didn’t realize the signifcance of his name until just now…

I find myself checking my attitude.  Compared to the daily reality that is Africa, my petty complaints make me want to punch myself in the face.  The faces that I’ve seen…the little girl sitting alone on a piece of newspaper in an alley in a slum of Uganda; the 6′ x 6′ room that houses six people; the fight of HIV/AIDS; the abject poverty.  I ate two meals today, probably consumed more calories than a family in Uganda does in a day.  I earn more money in one hour than some families earn in a month.  Thinking on these things puts my life into perspective. 

I want to travel to a third world country to love on some kids, speak with some parents, smell the smells…but right now I am living vicariously through this amazing group of people.

Long story short.  Go make a difference. Sponsor a kid from Uganda.

One thought on “Compassion trip

  1. YAY!!!!! I’m so excited every time I read about someone deciding to sponsor.

    I’ve met both my sponsored kids and there’s not a doubt in my mind it’s changing their lives.

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