I’m emotional. Are you surprised? LOL

I’ve discovered, once again, that I am a highly emotional person.  Duh….right?

Last night I had a work dinner that left me highly emotional…not knowing how to process what occured, what was said, what to do as a next step.  I felt like a failure at what I do, like I’d dropped one too many balls.  Apparently, I am the only one who came to that conclusion, but that remains to be seen. 

I take my job personally.  But I think that I may be investing a lot too much of myself into the job.  How can I have a relationship when I have a few husbands (obviously metaphorically) at work?  What will happen when I find a boyfriend and I don’t have time to invest in the relationship?  Unless I date someone with whom I work, I’ll be torn.  Heck…even if I do, I don’t want the whole thing to solely revolve around work. 

Here’s a question that I pose.  How do you balance having a personal life and a professional life when the two seem to be intertwined?  I’ll gladly accept any input that you’re willing to give 🙂

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