Good snail-mail day

Yesterday and today were great snail-mail days for me. 

I received my packet from Compassion with the picture of the boy I sponsored from Uganda.  I wrote him a letter as well 🙂  I fear that I sound dumb in my letter…but they only gave me a small piece of paper.  And let’s be honest.  I’m verbose.  I am really excited to have the opportunity to sponsor this child.  It stuns me that such a small donation can make such a huge impact in someone’s life.  I’m prayerfully considering sponsoring another child.  If I can’t make the trip abroad right now, I should do all that I can stateside.

I received an invitation to one of the two weddings of the year.  One of my best friends is getting married March 29 in Los Angeles on the top of a building overlooking LA.  From what I hear, LA is a beautiful city.  I cannot wait to have the opportunity to discover the city outside of the context of work.  But more than that, I cannot wait to spend time with some of my favorite people in the whole world.  I’m trying to imagine my friends getting married and me not crying.  Yeah…not working out so well for me.

And last, but definitely NOT least, I received one of the most encouraging, timely cards.  The scripture written in the card is one of my touchstone scriptures: Isaiah 49:1-3,written in the Message version.  Wow.  My friend Jessica has this way with timing..God has given her this gift of sending the jewels aka notes at just the right time.  She’s had that gift since I’ve known her. She is one of the creative, artsy, down-to-earth yet dreamer types.  An amazing woman.  I will keep that card for a long time..

Please keep my friend Kelley and her family in prayer.  Her mom was admitted to the hospital.  Mom is doing ok…I’m unclear on whether or not she’s been released from the hospital.  I’ll know more tomorrow.  But please pray…Kelley is a strong gal, but she certainly covets the prayers of the righteous.

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