I don’t know why I take some things so personally.  Probably because I keep forgetting that my life is not about me.  It’s about people.  Duh.  Maybe everyone should learn this lesson.

Lately I’ve been juggling a LOT at work.  I’ve dropped a few balls.  I’ve had typos in emails.  I own up to my mistakes.  But do me a favor.  Don’t be a jerk about my mistakes.  And for the love of God, we’re on the same team.  Defend me.  Don’t bash me.  Bashing me makes me not want to help you.  Ever again.  It makes doing those little favors I’ve done “just because” the past.  Sorry…I’m too busy to do that at this time. 

Yesterday I was talking to the guy who parks my car everyday.  People are so rude to parking attendants.  Sometimes it is frustrating that they take so long to bring my car to me.  Especially when it is really cold.  Sometimes when they act as if they have lost my car, I get a bit anxious.  But let’s be honest.  I don’t want to do their job.  It’s not like they are getting paid well to do such a monotonous job.  So, I am extra nice to them.  Just like I am to the FedEx guy and the UPS guy and the Deer Park guy and to the post office people and to the woman who works at Wawa and you get the idea.  I see everyone that I contact as a human being.  Even sales reps 🙂

Tomorrow is my review.  Please pray that it goes well.  I had to come up with a list of accomplishments.  That’s not easy for me. 

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