Political season…arghhhhhh

demo-repub-image.jpgLast night, my mom and I engaged in a bit of a debate.  She is a democrat, more of a liberal.  I am a republican, more of a conservative.  For those who know me/us, this is not a surprise.  She’s referred to me as Alex P Keaton.  I think that she considers this an insult.  I know he was dorky.  I know he thought his parents were insane.  But I always have related to him. 

Through the course of our “conversation” I saw just how different we are, but also how similar.  My mom believes that everyone is entitled to free health care.  She thinks that the poor should be fully tended to.  And she thinks that all of these things should be funded by the federal government.  At one point, my mother pulled some emotional strings, asking me how I would feel if it were my nephew who couldn’t receive medical treatment because he didn’t have apt insurance coverage.  Of course I would feel like crap.  But I don’t think that is a fair argument.  It is an emotional, irrational argument.

I would like to see everyone have health coverage.  I would love to see every person in the world fed.  But, being pragmatic, I want to know who is going to foot the bill.  I work hard for the money that my company deposits into my account every two weeks.  I don’t make enough to be independent, but I do have health benefits.  If our country were to socialize medicine (offer it to everyone for free), who would pay for this?  It would be those of us who work.  I have no problem helping out those who need help.  However, when most of my earnings go back to the government to fund their projects that help those who can’t (or refuse) to help themselves, then we are leaving the capitalist society that we have and we are entering socialism.  Socialism, according to dictionary.com, is the step between capitalism and communism.  We’ve seen how well communism worked out for the Russians, and how well it’s working for the Cubans.

Lest you fear that I am promoting a Republican agenda, let me offer an alternative.  I would love to see the day that the church rises up to take care of the sick, the poor, the aged.  This has been repeated ad nauseam, but if every person who calls themself a Christian, a follower of Christ, actually tithed, we could take care of the world.  And by world, I do not mean merely the US, but the whole world.  Let’s just do our part.  Let’s be the church. 

Another topic that is really starting to get me.  There are so many people who are on a mission to eradicate poverty.  I would love to see the day where every person in the world falls asleep with a full stomach.  It is an abomination that so many men, women and children starve to death every day.  I can’t imagine how many people have died as I’ve been writing this blog of diseases that are easily treatable.  However, Jesus says in John 12:8, “You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.”  I’m not justifiying ignoring poverty.  Of course we should do everything we can to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, give water to the thirsty.  But please don’t tell me what part I’m supposed to play in doing this.  If you do your part and I do mine, then eventually, we should be able to make an impact in the world.  We cannot make an impact by sitting on our arses coming up with brilliant ideas only.  Stand up and walk out the brilliant ideas that God has given to you.

This post is pointed directly at my heart and my heart issues.  If it happens to touch you where you are, let’s take a walk together.  I’m not certain where I’m going, but I do know that I am going somewhere.  Hopefully soon.

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