Once again…random

I have drawn a conclusion.  Salespeople are like little children. They don’t like to be told no.  They will lie through their teeth, straight to your face, but they refuse to accept a no.  And…when they are given a no, they will go behind your back, tell people that the answer is yes, and somehow, you wind up looking like you changed your mind, even though your initial answer was and always was, NO.

My sister and I are working together to meet some goals that we have set.  We are holding one another accountable in our spending habits.  I was doing well, until Christmas hit.  And now…not so much.  This week, I am taking control back on my spending.  I want the money that God blesses me with to work for me, for His good.  How does blindly spending money on coffee, clothing, etc help the children who are starving in the third world?  How does it help the people whose lives were turned upside down in Kenya?

Today I found out that it would be less expensive for me to fly from Boston to LA than it is from Philly to Boston for my friend’s wedding.  Her wedding is March 29.  Hmmm…looks like I’m going to have to think quickly 🙂

3 thoughts on “Once again…random

  1. The cheap way to fly from Philadelphia to Boston is on SouthWest and go to Providence or Manchester. It is $108 each way. I got a note from the mini-loan people that all the people from Kenya that they gave mini-loans to have had their lives turned upside down! Of course I do not care about my mini-money, but it sure does make it more personal! I never expected something like that to happen in Kenya.


  2. A bird could do it by flapping their wings! Its about $225 on expedia.com.

    Here is a site to check out for buying arbirtray things in like coffee and clothes that it helps people in the developing world – http://www.tenthousandvillages.com/.
    So much of our shopping for Christmas presents was done at Ten Thousand Villages, that it become a joke – “This Christmas has been brought to you by Ten Thousand Villages!”. I love that store.


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