I am loved

chicken-noodle-soup.jpgI’ve been out of commission for a few days with “that throat thing that everyone has.”  Well, today I know that my sister loves me.  She made me some of her world-famous chicken noodle soup.  OK…it’s in progress.  But I can smell it.  The air is warm with the humiditiy of chicken and veggies boiling in hot water.  YUM!  Did I mention the homemade bread that will accompany my soup?

In all seriousness, I know that I am loved.  God has shown that to me in so many small ways…and in so many grand ways.  He’s showing me more and more that He has placed dreams in my heart that He will bring to pass.  Sometimes I look at some of the “random” connections that I have made, and I am shocked.  How could I possibly have connected with people from some of the most cutting-edge, influential churches in the world?  My family is healthy.  I am close with my niece and nephews (some days that is good, others…not so much…lol)

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