So, I’ve been chewing on something since yesterday.  My pastor spoke on entitlement, how you can’t do things in a relationship with the expectation of receiving something.  You just have to do them to do them, expecting nothing in return.  I suppose that may also relate to the business realm. 

I am called to serve my bosses, to do the very best job that I can.  I have to have the utmost integrity, with the company’s resources, my time.  If I say that I will do something, I have to fulfill my responsibility.  The question that I have is this.  Isn’t my company supposed to do the same thing?  If I am told something, isn’t it the responsiblity of te person who told me to follow through?  Is it entitlement to expect people to be true to their word?  Or is that me trusting that the people making the promises have integrity? 

Sometimes I wonder if I have heard things through my own filter–that I’ve heard what I want to hear.  Other times, I wonder if I’ve misunderstood.  Right now, I don’t know.  I’m in a quandry.

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