Happy New Year!

happy-new-year.jpgHappy New Year!  I pray for a blessed and prosperous 2008 for everyone!

This morning I was awakened by a friend who is full of expectancy for what 2008 will hold.  Let’s be honest.  ’07 was a roller coaster, at least for me.  I had some high highs and some low lows.  I expect great things for this new year.  God has something special in store for this year…I can feel it with every fibre of my being.  I’ve made some commitments to myself for this year.

1.  I am not going to be silenced.  I’ve held back on so many things…I’ve allowed my voice to be silenced.  Well, that is over.  I have a story to tell, a story of a great King who chose to come to this earth, live in human body, to be crucified, taking my sin and your sin as His own, though He never sinned.  Then, on the third day, the tomb was empty, for He had risen, as prophesied.  There are billions of people who don’t know this story.  Why should I hold my tongue any longer? 

2.  I am going to prepare for and walk in what God has called me to do.  I’ve spent some time feeling like a failure because I didn’t complete my semester of seminary.  The fact is that God is going to work with me to prepare me for what He has for me.  That will take discipline on my part, actually stopping to take a moment to listen to what He has to say; taking the time to read the Word that He has given us; resourcing myself with tools.

3.  I am going to live a healthier lifestyle.  I’m not going to diet.  I’m not commiting to working out 5 times a week in a gym.  I am going to take steps toward a healthier me.  I want to live everyday that God has designed for me to live.  I don’t want to shorten my life by one minute because of bad decisions.  I know I can’t erase 32 years of bad decisions, but I can certainly rewrite the script of the rest of my life, at least healthwise.

4.  I am going to try to be a better friend.  I have dropped the ball a LOT on this one.  I tend to drop off the scene when I am going through “stuff,” or when I am busy with work.  But in ’08, I want to work at being a friend.  This is going to take work…it doesn’t come naturally to me. 

5.  I am going to find blogging a joy again.  This one may sound goofy to some.  As of late, though, I’ve found blogging a chore.  When I write, I’m trying not to hurt people who may or may not read my blog.  I’m trying to be politically correct pertaining to church politics.  Here’s the deal, folks.  I’m not forcing anyone to read my blog.  If you read it, you read it at your own risk.  And you have chosen to read it.  I believe that my disclaimer is still at the top.  Refer to my first commitment of the year.  I am no longer going to be silenced.

Soooo….there you have it.  I look forward to all that 2008 has in store. 


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