moby-dick.jpgI have a story to tell.  It is bubbling up within me.  I feel like a shaken bottle of champagne…bursting at the seams, yet contained by the glass and the cork.  I suppose I’ll be able to tell the story when the time is right.

Today I took myself (and my new Magellan navigator) on a road trip.  I have lived in NJ for my whole like and was never to Cape May.  Well, today, in the rain, the sleet and the cold, I went on my way to Cape May.  I saw, ever so briefly, the lighthouse and the Atlantic.  Then I got back in the car and went to lunch.  And then I headed home. 

I feel like Ishmael in Moby Dick.  Unsettled.  Ready for an adventure.  Wanting more out of my life.  Ahab and I aren’t getting along so well…I can’t just take his orders any longer.  I am looking for a new ship.  I’m sending flares into the air. 

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