It’s a Wonderful Life

its-a-wonderful-life.jpgLast night I watched It’s a Wonderful Life.  I love that movie.  I think that it may be more than my favorite holiday movie.  It may just be my favorite movie of all times.  I love the story…man consistently gives of himself to everyone around…always puts others’ needs ahead of his own.  Man falls.  Man is redeemed by those who he has helped.  Of course, George falling in love with Mary makes for a great romantic undertone to the movie.

There is something about this time of year.  All of the stories are warm and fuzzy…heartwarming tales about human kindness and generosity.  Last year this time The Nativity Story was playing in the theaters.  Talk about a story that can change people’s lives. 

Right now, my heart beats hard within my chest.  My deepest desire is to make a difference in the world.  I want to be a force of change in the world.  I want God to use me to move mountains.  I want people to remember me and recall some way, big or small, that God used me to impact their lives.  I am in a holding pattern…in the desert part of the journey.  The part wherein I am trained for something, something specific.

I am taking some time off between Christmas and New Years…from the 22nd of December, returning on the 28th.  I will be in Boston (for real this time, unless there is some unexpected blizzard) for a few days.  I am looking forward to Quincy Market, the Common and the Public Garden, the electricity of the city.  I come home on Christmas Eve, just in time for the holiday festivities.  I look forward to the break and the time to regroup before the first of the year.  I hit 2008 running. 

So, there is the recap.

Oh yeah.  I’m reading The Starbucks Experience.  It is ruining my professional career.  In the best way ever.  I love their coffee.  And I love their company philosophy. 

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