Wanted…dead or alive?

Apparently a blog is wanted from me whether I am dead or alive 🙂  Thanks for planting the song in my head.  You know who you are!

I am, in fact, alive…barely.  I worked nearly 80 hours last week putting together our meeting in LA.  Did I have fun?  Bits of it here and there.  Was it a vacation?  Absolutely NOT.  Was the meeting successful?  As far as I am concerned, yes. 

I made some new friends…people from Seoul who traversed the earth to help us with our meeting.  I was asked to sit at the table with our CEO for dinner.  I went to a karaoke bar.  I worked about 15 hours a day, slept about 6 and I have no idea what happened to the other three. 

I forgot my power cord to my laptop in LA.  I should have it back tomorrow.  I will write a more significant blog at this time.

Just rest assured…I am physically alive.  Mentally…not so much.

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