Hey baby…what’s your blood type?

Yesterday we finished our first set of training classes for work.  I have to admit something.  Though I enjoyed the experience of that set of classes, I am very happy that we are finished.  Doing something for the first time is always exciting.  But it is also exhausting.  I learned so much from my experience…and I have the opportunity now to apply it to our second set of trainees. 

So…to celebrate the end of the marathon, we went out to Manayunk for drinks and appetizers.  I had so much fun.  The group probably looked very odd to the untrained eye.  It was me and four of my Korean co-workers and two female Korean dentists.  I learned a lot about Korean culture last night.  Appartently it is normal to ask someone what their blood type is.  My boss asked one of the dentists her blood type, and I found myself questioning why anyone would ask that.  I actually laughed at him.  I also got more acquainted with the new managers from Dallas and Atlanta.  They are really funny guys. 

After drinks and appetizers, we went to dinner for Korean barbeque.  We drove to a Korean market, parked our cars and compressed from 5 cars to 2.  When we arrived at the Korean restaurant, it turned out that I was the only anglo in the place.  I walked into the ladies room and scared some poor Korean woman out of her mind.  I kind of chuckled.  I guess they don’t see too many people like me in those there parts.  We just had a good time…I have been enjoying the time that I’ve had to just chill.  I need these times.

I’m going to be housesitting for the next week.  My grandmother is going on vacation, so I am going to watch her dog.  I’ll be in Northeast Philly.  I can’t wait for the quiet time.  I need that time.  Desperately.  The only bad thing is that she doesn’t have internet access.  Boo.  Hopefully I’ll be able to pirate some access 🙂

Speaking of grandmom.  I should cut this short.  I have to be at her house at 6:15AM.  Ouch.

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