ING…perspective change

I have to be honest.  I don’t think that this month is ever going to end.  Long month.

Today I went to the ING cafe in Philadelphia.  I love the whole concept of a bank having a coffee shop.  I told the barista/banker that I love the idea of the bank and coffee shop combo.  She smiled at me and said, “I love my job.  I have a really great job.  Not too many people can say that they have a job like me!”  I left there wanting to be a banker.  OK–not really.  But I left with a new appreciation for my own job.

I work for a Korean dental implant company.  Every day, in the comfort of the USA, I have an intercultural experience.  How many people learn so much about another culture ensconced in their own land?  The opportunities I have with my crazy job are mind blowing.  I entered this company on the ground floor…and from the looks of it, we’re building a skyscraper.  The sky is the limit with this company. 

Who would’ve thought that a coffee would have brought on a life change?

I have some pretty big decisions to make in the upcoming few weeks.  I am praying that God really speaks to me while I am in CA.  I would really like to come home with more answers than questions.  Or…I would like to at least come home with some different questions. 

I’ve been really busy…that is why the silence.  I’m working 55 hours this week (and did the same last week).  School is on a burner, but not the front one.  Life…I’m making time for it.  I know that God is doing something in my life.  He’s really given me a great opportunity…one that will help to define so much of my life, if I will just allow Him to build character in me as I go trucking along.

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