New season

Today my church moved into a new phase of its existence.  We moved from the movie theatre in which we have been meeting for the past two years into a school. 

I loved being at the movie theatre.  I love the smell of popcorn.  I love the familiarity.

But–the school has a lot of plusses.  I loved being on flat ground.  I was able to worship more freely without fear of falling down an incline and breaking my ankle.  I also enjoyed the intimacy of the smaller setting.  However, I was kind of sad that the room is so small.  Meeting in a school is more comfortable because my last church met in a school for three years.  Those were my favorite times at that church.

Today was a fun day…I am enjoying new friendships that I am developing.  Kind of feeling good about the way that things are looking.  It’s funny how God brings things full circle.  Last week I was telling one of my friends that the crappy times in life are fertilizer for future fruit.  Now I’m kinda going through some crappy things, and I have to remember that this is fertilizer time for me 🙂  I hate when God does that…lol…though I expect nothing less from Him.

But, for now, I should start writing my essay for my theology class.  It’s due in a little over two hours.  And I have to comment on some of my classmates’ work.

Hopefully half time will last a bit.  ‘Cause I’m loving this Pats game!  *sigh*

Oh yeah…it feels like autumn.  I love pumpkin, chills in the air, hot apple cider, pretty leaves, sweaters, shoes with toes, wool, jeans, hoodies.

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