Heart issue

I am in the middle of a marathon right now.  School.  Working six days.  And some nights.  Trying to do the work on my plate while we have trainees in the office.  Camp counselor.  Friend.  Aunt.  Little league baseball cheerleader.  Daughter.  Chruch goer.  Church leader.  Blogger. 

I can’t get away from teeth.  How did a dental commercial get on tv just now?  Weird.

I wouldn’t want my life any other way.  Except maybe enough time to focus on more church stuff.  I would love to be able to do what I love most.  I think that God is teaching me so much more from the chaos of my life than I could learn if I didn’t have all of these plates spinning.  I am learning how to lead…and how not to lead.  I am learning how to follow and how not to follow.  I am learning how to lean on God in a way that I’ve never leaned before.

I’m sorry if I’ve been neglecting you…using my blog more as a vent than a lamp.  I can make no promises that this will change in the very near future. 

Please pray for me.  Along with all of this activity, today I had a heart issue that caught me by surprise.  I’m not going into details (so please don’t ask) because God knows what is going on.  I asked Him to help me through this.  But…I also know that the prayer of a righteous man (or woman) availeth much. 

Thanks…back to work 🙂

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