Career Deneen…one scary chick

stress_woman I have come to realize, through the most unlikely source, how out of balance my life has been.

I remember a few months ago (which seems like a lifetime ago) when I was obsessed with getting a job…I need a job for this, I need a job for that.  God held off the job so that I could do some healing and growing.  Then I was provided with this awesome job and I kicked into high gear.  I don’t know if anyone who reads my blog remembers “Career Deneen” from my banking days.  She was not a pretty person.  Always working, striving, bringing work home with her.  Always looking for ways to advance.  Looking looking looking.

On Monday, I looked Career Deneen in the face.  Only this time she was striving to get ahead in the dental implant industry.  I didn’t realize how much of my life was consumed with work.  I forgot that it is not normal to be that consumed with work.  OK–let me rephrase that.  It is normal in the secular world to be consumed with the 9-5.  But, in my world, the world to which I profess to belong, I should be consumed with God and the things of God.  Dental implants are fascinating, but they are my tent-making trade.  As a matter of fact, anything I do in corporate America is tent-making.  My identity is not found in titanium.  My identity is found in Christ.

Being so consumed with a “career” has made me lose sight of so many of the blessings of God.  You know…like the Fruit of the Spirit?  Joy?  How about laughter?  When is the last time I laughed.  A good hearty laugh?  Yeah…I can’t remember either.

So, right now I am in the process of asking Jesus to be the Lord of my life…again.  Not titanium.  Not education.  Not church.  J-E-S-U-S.

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