Surprise party download

Yesterday we had a great time at my Oma’s surprise party.  She was shocked.  This morning when we went to her house to say goodbye, she was still in a state of shock. 

I have to admit…leaving was really, really tough.  I left with my toes and fingers dragging in the dirt. 

This weekend was the first time that I have been in grandparents’ house since my grandfather passed five years ago.  Today, I saw a look in my Oma’s eyes that I saw five years ago when I last saw my Opa.  She said goodbye to my father, and he said, “Ma, I’ll see you again.”  She gave him a look…a look that is not explicable unless you see it.  It took everything in me not to cry like a baby when I said goodbye.  Here is Boyz II Men in honor of my day.

I saw the video…in its entirety. Couldn’t post it.

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