I won’t be satisfied

We sing a song at church.  “I won’t be satisfied, til I know, who You are.” 

Lately I’ve been dissatisfied with so many things.  Tonight my mom called me on it.  She asked why I am unhappy.  I had no answer for her.  By the look of things, my life is great.  I have a great job.  I have a car.  I have a computer.  I’m starting seminary.  I go to a good church with a kind-hearted pastor and loads of people who love me.  So, what is wrong with me?

Part of what is wrong with me is that I need to do a few things that God has spoken to me.  Clearly spoken.  I admit that I am dragging my feet.  He’s not asking me to do things that are easy.  He’s asking me to do some hard things. 

Part of what is wrong is that I need to press into Him more.  I need to pray, “More of You, Lord, and less of me.”  BUT–when I pray that prayer, I have to be willing to watch my self die and Him rise up within me.  I have no problem with Him rising up in me.  It’s the dying to self thing that is really tripping me up.  Surprise.  I’m human.  Who would’ve thunk it?  haha

So, I won’t be satisfied until I do a few things. 

I’m going to ask for prayer here.  I need God to open up the right timing, and I need God to give me the strength and the favor to do what He’s asking of me. 


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2 thoughts on “I won’t be satisfied

  1. ‘Neen, I know where you’re coming from – I’ve been there done that – matter of fact, I’m still there doing that…

    Knowing that the underlying current of your dissatisfaction stems from not doing what God is telling you to do is the biggest hurdle you have to cross. I know that “SELF” is not going to go down without a HUGE fight, but “the battle belongs to the Lord”, so from where I sit, you’re golden!!!!

    Be like the little engine that could and keep telling yourself, God said I can, God said I can…

    God bless and remember that if He calls you to do it, He’ll take you to it and walk with you through it!!!

    briggie ^i^

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