Chill time

Last night, I went out and *gasp* had some fun.  I’ve been so tense and stressed and frustrated that I’ve not been able to decompress.

My friend–more like a sister–and her fiance were playing (they are a two-person acoustic band) in a bar in Sea Isle City, NJ.  My aunt, my mom and I went down for the evening.  We listened to the, enjoyed some cheese fries and poppers, the salt air, not being confined in the house.  Then we went to the Lobster Trap for dinner.  Yummy mussels.

We just had a good time being.  It was like an adventure rather than an obligatory trip.  Nice to just chill.

And today…my aunt and I are off to breakfast in the city at one of my favorite breakfast chops in South Philly.  The Morning Glory Diner.  If you’re from Philadelphia and you’ve not been there, you are missing out.  Coffee in tin cups.  Great food.  Decent prices.

Why am I sitting here?  Bye.

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