How precious is the love of Christ

I have doubts about many things…I question just about everything.  Tonight as I was about to go into the CT scanner, I was asking questions.  But there is one thing that I’ve never doubted.  It’s probably the best thing about which to be secure.

I’ve not doubted the love of God.  If I have, I don’t remember doubting His love.  Perhaps it is because I grew up in an environment in which I never had a doubt that I was loved. 

Today I was thinking about who I would like on a team if I were to plant a church.  Sure, I would like to have seasoned Christians…people who can act as leaders in the church.  But I would love to have a church full of people who have just realized the love of Christ.  You know.  The people who have just entered into a relationship with Christ.  The people who are basking in His love, savoring every minute of it.  I want to be surrounded by people with a zeal for Christ…not with a head knowledge of Christ.  I mean a heart to heart connection.  Theology is important.  History is important.  Zeal and relationship…that is imperative.

It seems that God is allowing me to dream. 

Wonder what He’s going to do with the dreams.  Or rather, what I am going to do with the dreams.  All I know is that I am enjoying the process of dreaming. 

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