Dreams of a future church planter

Yesterday I read a post written by Perry Noble that struck me in the heart.  As I began reading it, I knew that it was something that was for me. 

I never thought that it was true of me, but I have a passion for church planting.  I guess I did pick the right major.I want to plant a church…somewhere.  Where is yet to be determined. 

I have a dream of a church that is transforming the community in which it exists.  I have a dream of a church in which weekly people are coming to a living, breathing, vibrant knowledge of Jesus Christ.  I dream of a church wherein people who already know Christ are drawn into a deeper relationship with Him, whose thirst for Christ can never be quenched.  I dream of a church with innovative worship, where people are encouraged to use their spiritual gifts.  I dream of worshipping God in an environment where everyone is secure in the fact that God loves them, where we’re not begging God for something that we already know we possess.

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One thought on “Dreams of a future church planter

  1. To steal a line from my hero from Philly, Rocky, as he stood toe to toe and eye to eye with Clubber Lang in Rocky III….He said, “Go For It!”

    If God is for you, who can be against you…


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