A glimpse into my future

Well, it’s Friday.  TGIF!

This is going to be a great weekend.  My aunt and uncle are in town for the weekend.  So, tomorrow we’re all heading down to the racetrack to watch the ponies.  I will most likely be making up stories about the horses and jockies.  I have absolutely no luck with betting on anything.  (Except the Patriots.  Go PATS!!!!)

I am really gaining an appreciation for my family.  Not that I intentionally did not appreciate them before.  I think that as you get older, you understand the value of the people who are in your bloodline.  It may help that I completely relate to my father’s side of the family.  I am definitely a clone of my father.  Most women, when they look at their mothers, see their future.  Most men, when they see their fathers, see their future.  I see my father and I see myself in 20+ years.  I feel bad for my future husband 🙂

Life seems to be settling down for a few seconds.  I’m standing my ground with the crazy people in my life.  I’ve told my boss to leave the office a few times this week.  And the funny thing is that he did. 

I’d keep writing, but at this moment, I’m being rude.  Though my family is sitting at the table trying to pick horses for tomorrow.

I have to make a mental note to self about politics this weekend.  For some reason, mom wants to incite me into a debate about Hilary Clinton.  Oy vey.

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One thought on “A glimpse into my future

  1. Isn’t is nice to have family around, even if they are a few pennies short of a nickel. I’m not sure how it started, and believe me, I’m not questioning it, but like the past month or so, we have had the whole family (all my kids + Daniele’s boyfriend Chris – and he counts as one of my kids) here for Sunday dinner. I’ve always dreamt that we would continue this time honored tradition and now God has brought my dreams to life. Now as for politics, if you and/or your mom wants a good political debate, tell her to call Kathy Gehring… And while you’re at it, tell your mom, Kathy says HI!!!! (i had lunch with her and Gloria saturday – fun time to be had by all..)

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