Sunday Sabbath

I didn’t go to church today.  Everyone gasp simultaneously and look at me with disdain.

Now that we got that over with…

I’ve worked hard over the past few weeks, and I’ve had little time to myself.  So today I decided to take a day off.  No funeral.  No work.  No church.  I just needed some time to decompress. 

What did I do today?  I went shopping with my father and sister.  It was like the good ole days from when I was a kid.

I also ordered my books for seminary.  I am looking forward to starting class.  The only class about which I am a bit apprehensive is the one for which I have to purchase VHS tapes.  You know, for my evangelism class.  I’m 100% certain that will be relevant.

I got my little league fix.  The little league all-stars are going on, so I went down to the fields to catch a few innings.  Our guys kicked some butt. 

Then mom and I got new phones.  We are now Verizon customers.  Yesterday Nextel dropped my call while driving through Philadelphia (on my headset, of course.)  So, I came home complaining and mom and I decided to switch our network.

God has been doing a lot.  Yet, I cannot shake this feeling of being unsettled.  My friend told me today that she felt unsettled for six years, between the time she visited CA and the time that she finally moved there.  I’ve felt unsettled for 31 years.  I would love for God to either allow me to truly be settled here or to give me permission to move to the place wherein I will be settled. 

Well, that’s all for now.  I have to catch some Zzzzzzzzzz’s so that I am able to be awake for work.

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