An ode to Wawa

Well, this is dedicated to my buddy from South of the Border, Chill Pastor, who doesn’t know what Wawa is.  Mark Cole, another blogger buddy, from my neck of the woods, answered the question of the Wawa quite eloquently.

Wawa is a wonderful place.  It is a 24 hour chain of stores that are located just about every 1/8th of a mile throughout the Delaware Valley (better known as Southern NJ, Eastern PA and Northern DE).  Many people in my area prefer Wawa coffee to Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, or (enter your favorite coffee establishment here.)  They have hoagies (aka subs, grinders, sandwiches,) and just about anything else that your average convenience store would have. 

Wawa is a place that, when you are around it all of the time, you take for granted.  But, when I was in Boston for those nine months…I craved a Wawa coffee and hoagie like an alcoholic craves a cocktail. 

So that is my ode to Wawa.  I know I did Wawa no justice.  Read Mark’s comment for a more passionate response 🙂

4 thoughts on “An ode to Wawa

  1. If you are from Delaware County Pennsyvania, the area of the first Wawa’s, and where Wawa, Pa. is located, then you know that when you buy a house your house must be within walking distance to a Wawa. I traveled to Richmond VA. and was pleased that in the last 2 years they have built stores down there.

    I love Wawa. Can’t do without it.

  2. WOW!!!…I did not expect such a elaborate answer…Thanks to both of you for helping this boy from South of the Mason-Dixon line understand…It sounds like it could be a place like Paul hung out in in Acts 16 while he stayed in Athens…”The Market Place”…


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