I got my wings back :)

Well, I am the proud new owner of a Saturn Ion.  I have my reclaimed my wings 🙂

My new car has a great radio with a CD player and a connection that will allow me to play my iPod as I’m driving around.  The only thing that I don’t have in the car that I really wanted is a sunroof, but I’ll certainly have one in my next car. 

I had a great experience at the dealership.  I went to Saturn of Turnersville.  I’ve bought a few cars in the 14 years that I’ve had my license.  Aside from the screaming, exhausted kids, this was, by far, the best car buying experience that I’ve ever had.  My sales guy didn’t act as if he were doing me a favor by acknowledging my existence, let alone for selling me a car.  He was really nice.  I would send anyone to buy a car from him.  Saturn has a no-haggle pricing deal.  But they gave me a discount on a few things.  All in all, I really felt good walking driving out of the dealership.

I’ll post a picture of the new car tomorrow.

In the interim–does anyone want to go on a road trip?  I hear Boston calling my name.  And after next Saturday, my weekends are free until September…..

2 thoughts on “I got my wings back :)

  1. Congrats on the new wheels. I love both my saturns and I too deal with Saturn in Turnersville. I’m just sad my salesguy Tom no longer works there. I too recommend them to everyone I can, so have tons of funs. As for roadtrips, can I recommend the Blue Ridge Mountains in the early fall? It’s breath taking and make sure you visit Luray Caverns (spellcheck please) too! Take care and God Bless. briggitte ^i^

  2. didnt know where to put this.
    This week I stopped calling myself a “christian” and started calling myself a follower of Jesus Christ.
    God is getting his warriors ready for something incredible. Get ready!!

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