Silence is Golden

I’ve been silent.  So much going on that is not able to be communicated.  So much going on that I need to communicate.  But here I am, babbling.

Last night we took one of my co-workers out for Korean BBQ.  He is moving to LA.  I’m going to miss him…we really broke him into American culture and now he is fleeing to the west coast.  Or rather walking into his future on the west coast with dignity.  It’s not that I won’t see him again…it’s just that somehow, we are becoming family in this crazy place where I work.  So, Tae Hoon, I’m sure you won’t read this, but you’ll be missed here in Philly.  I can’t wait to meet your future wife after September 🙂

Today is the one year anniversary of my mom’s best friend’s death.  I’m taking it really hard.  I miss her so much.  She taught me so many life lessons…and honestly, she formed quite a bit of my personality.  So, today I grieve the loss of someone who was more of a mom than a friend of the family.

Yesterday as I was praying through some “stuff,” I asked God what the heck is going on.  I told Him that I don’t think that I am the person that He thinks I am.  I don’t know that I am ready.  He told me, “Deneen, this is what I have been preparing you for.”  So I continue to talk forward, feeling overwhelmed, underprepared and freaking out a bit.

So, there you have it.  Silence is golden because, right now, at a loss for words with all to say.

2 thoughts on “Silence is Golden

  1. Silence is healthy. While you are being still & quiet, calming refreshment will come to you from your Heavenly Father who loves you so much. He will take care of each situation you are dealing with today in your life. And please remember, your friends who have come to know you through your blog, are right beside you and care for you also.


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