Fruit: peace

Yesterday I started to feel crappy, so today I took a day off and went to the doctor.  I got a shot, a stronger antibiotic, and sent for x-rays of my sinuses.  I’m not alarmed.  I’m being all growed up and taking care of my health.  Saturday I get to have some blood work.  Love it.

Today is dedicated to the word peace.  I’ve always been afraid of medical stuff.  One of my biggest fears is cancer.  I’ve lost so many friends and family members to the “c” word.  So, whenever I feel sick, achy, tired, I get worried.  But God has given me peace about my life, about my health.  I know that my life is in His hands.  I see His hand at work in every aspect of my life (when I admit it.)  So, if I claim that He’s working in every area of my life, I have to have peace.

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