Great contact

I have to plug the guys at Catalyst.  Today while I was at work, I got a phone call from a strange area code.  I checked the message, and it was a guy named Jessie.  I was on the Catalyst website not too long ago, and I filled out a form saying that I was interested in attending.  He called to follow-up, and sent an email.

This is a huge conference…if I’m not mistaken, over 10,000 people were there.  Honestly, I’d given up the idea of going to the conference.  But now I’m considering going…because of some good contacts.

Anyway–bad service gets press all of the time.  I wanted to give some good press 🙂

Maybe I’ll be making my way to GA this fall…who knows.  I missed my chance to go to the Buzz conference 😦

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