homeless-man.jpgToday I learned a valuable lesson.  It does not pay to be kind to strangers.  How Christlike of me, eh?

So yesterday I was all sorts of inspired by a woman who bought someone breakfast.  I left the house and decided that I was going to show someone kindness by buying breakfast.  I needed a coffee–a few shots of espresso with some milk to be more exact.  As I’m crossing 16th & Walnut, this guy asks me for money.  Here is my opportunity.  I told him to wait until I returned and I would take care of him.  I buy my latte and cross the street.  He makes some comment about how he’d been waiting for sooooo long (5 minutes, tops) for me to return.  I asked him if I could buy him breakfast.  He said, “Oh no.  I need money.  To get to West Philly.”  I insisted on buying him food instead of giving him cash.  So he requested a sandwich.  I went to a stand to buy him his food.  Meanwhile he’s yelling at me to get him this and that and the other thing.  I bought him a sandwich and coffee.  When I took it to him, he told me that it took me too long.  I told him to have a nice day and walked away.

All of this makes me wonder about how God must feel.  There are so many times that He has blessed me that perhaps, instead of being completely appreciative, I’ve asked Him why the blessing didn’t come sooner, faster, bigger, in a different package.

Lord, forgive me for being unappreciative.  Forgive me for feeling entitled.  I know that in and of myself, I deserve hell.  Were it not for your sacrifice on the cross, that is where I would be headed.  Thank you, Lord, for who You are.  I love you.  Amen.

3 thoughts on “Interesting

  1. I gotta believe that even in your frustration, you planted some seeds in that man…God will honor your efforts…He will continue to put people in your path…Most of us, me included, would not have gone to the “extra” trouble that you did…We would have given him money, and kept on walking…Good stuff!!


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