Springtime in NJ

I think that spring may have finally arrived in the Northeast.  Hot diggity dogs.  And I find myself sitting in the house…blogging?  What?!  I’ll position it in a more positive light.  I’m enjoying the sound of the birds chirping, the warm air in the house that is generated by sunlight and the quiet that comes when my whole family is out of the house.  Ahhh…the simple pleasures in life 🙂

 I am so excited.  Last night I bought two books that I’ve wanted for a while.  The Blogging Church and Uprising: A Revolution of the Soul.  Good stuff.  Good reading.  Now I just need a park bench, a cup of coffee, and a couple of hours.  I’ll have plenty of time to read during the week on my lunch hour.  Conveniently, I work in Rittenhouse Square where people enjoy spending their lunch time in the fresh air, surrounded by people.

Well, the family is back.  The peace is gone.  Go outside and enjoy the weather.

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