Commuter humor

harry-potter-bus.jpgSo.  My new schedule at work requires me to be awake and out of the house before God wakes up.  I am literally on the bus at 5:49 AM.  Yeah.  Good thing for my coworkers that my base nature is to be a morning person. 

I have this crazy bus driver.  He’s got the nicest personality of any bus driver I’ve experienced thus far, but his driving…oy vey.  I thought that perhaps yesterday was just a bad day driving for him.  He speeds up when he’s approaching a stop.  Where people are standing, waiting to get on the bus.  Then he slams on the brakes, and everyone on the bus winds up flying forward and to the right.  He likes to stop for green lights and speed through red lights.  Did I mention that he doesn’t stop at railroad tracks? 

Yesterday I had the passing thought that I must have caught the bus that, if I were a wizard, would take me to the safety of Diagon Alley.  I was looking for Hagrid, Hermione, Ron and Harry, but alas, they never got on the bus.  And I never arrived at Diagon Alley.  I’m not living in a Harry Potter novel. 

There are times I wonder, though…

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