Uncomplicated…complicated…only God knows

My ipod is beginning to pay dividends in my life.  Spiritually that is.  Whoever thought of podcasting deserves a special place in heaven.  Seriously.  Whatever did we do before podcasting?  Oh wait.  I just entered this world in September.  Funny how deeply technology effects one’s life.

Today as I was walking, I was listening to a podcast from Hillsong Church in Australia.  Brian Houston was talking about being an uncomplicated leader.  I never realized how complicated I am.  For me, effective teaching leaves me asking more questions than it answers, looking deeply within my soul.

One of the characteristics of an uncomplicated person is that they are not divided; the uncomplicated person is not looking to be somewhere else.  One issue that I constantly wrestle is my desire to always be somewhere else.  I have not felt settled for quite some time. 

Does that make me complicated?  Does that make me non-committed?  Does that make me a bad Christian, a bad follower of Christ?  Or does that make me a pioneer, a church-planter at heart?  Do I have to qualify the desire that God has placed deep within me to move around, to see the world, to experience many different cultures?  Why is it that I constantly question this part of me?

So, thank you Brian Houston.  Tonight my prayer is that God would search my heart, and that He will work on those parts that need to be repaired.  So if you see me and you see those orange construction signs, you will understand.  I want nothing more than to follow Christ in whatever way He wants. 

But…if the desire to travel, to be elsewhere is heightened, then I will know that this is God and not Deneen.

One more thing.  If you have an ipod or an mp3 player or a computer, I strongly suggest that you find your way over to itunes and find Brian Houston’s podcasts and find the message entitled “Uncomplicated Leaders” (or something to that effect.)  It’s good stuff.

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