What’s going on?

This week has been a long week.  Time seems to have passed quickly, but emotionally I feel as if I have lived a month.  I look forward to a weekend to regroup, rest and hopefully let my hair down for a few mintues.

Why is it that sometimes time flies, and sometimes time seems to drag on and on forever? 

I am looking forward to finding a few minutes, hours this weekend during which I can be by myself.  I need some alone time…I need the opportunity to press into God, to hear His voice, to incline my ear to His mouth and have that intimate time.  I feel as if there are many decisions being made about my life that are out of my control.  This morning as I sang (under my breath…I wouldn’t want the people of Philadelphia to think I’m crazy…hahahahahahahaha) “Lord, I surrender all” I felt as if the heavens moved.  I can’t explain it, but there is movement going on.  I’m still not privy to the plans, but there is something going on. 

I need my sanctuary time.  I need a place to call my own, to hang my hat.  I need a place wherein I can just be.  I want a home of my own so that I can entertain people, so that I can invite people into the presence of the Most High without having kids, dogs, sisters, brothers running around. 

So that is where I am.  Right now.  In 9 minutes, I’ll be on Walnut Street heading toward the train.  TGIF.

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