una pregunta

 Today was a great day.  High 70’s.  Sun shining.  People out in droves.  I love working in the city.  I love that I work a few blocks away from Rittenhouse Square.  I love sushi in the park. 

Today a question was posed to me that I could not answer.  Ironic considering who I am.  The question:  If you could live in any city, knowing that you have a job and the money to move there, where would you move?  My problem is that there are many, many cities in which I would love to live.  I would love to live in Washington, DC to have the opportunity to worship in and serve in NCC under Mark Batterson and his team.  I would love to live in Atlanta for so many reasons:  to meet Mr. & Mrs. Chill, to be in close proximity to INJOY & the guys at Catalyst, to go to and learn from Andy Stanley & his church.  I would love to live in Dallas so that I could get to TD Jake’s church (and to be in the city of my beloved Cowboys.)  I would love to move to Boston ’cause I hear about so many things that God is doing there, and because it is one of the most wonderful cities in the country.  I would love to live in LA to be close to my friends and to hang out in Mosaic for a while and learn from Erwin McManus.  I would even love to live in OK for a while so that I could learn from the guys at Lifechurch.  How do you explain that to the managing director of your company?  (For the record, I did not mention Philadelphia because I already live here.)

I guess the short answer to the question is this:  I want to be wherever God is.  God is omnipresent, so I can be happy anywhere.  As long as I have my own bed, some pots and pans and a computer.  And a phone.  Oh yeah, and my Bible.  But that was understood, right? 

2 thoughts on “una pregunta

  1. ditto on the DC thing…Batterson is one cool dude for Christ….

    …But, I’m glad you said what you did at the end…”Wherever God Is”…That is the most basic but sometimes the hardest thing we do as followers of Christ….Go or stay where He can best use us….


  2. I was once asked if I would be willing to go to the ends of the earth if the ends of the earth for me was NJ. At the time, I couldn’t honestly answer “yes” to that, but I *think* I can say yes now.

    I hope that my pastor isn’t having heart failure watching me flesh out my desire to *go* once again…I wish that I could just be one of those people who can stay in one place and be happy. I’m satisfied in Christ…yet I know that He has so much more for me…yet I’m willing to do whatever He asks, even if it makes absolutely no sense.

    Now I’m rambling…better get back to work.

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