Talk about a 2×4…

Today, for some reason, I find myself brimming with emotion.  Some of it good, some not so much.  It’s wonderful to be an emotional being.  I just wish that I came with an instruction book so that I could understand what all of the bells and whistles mean.

On a lighter note, the fruit vendors are out.  This morning I almost jumped into one of the carts and hugged the woman.  Last night we talk about how tree frogs and birds are a sign of spring.  For me, it’s the fruit vendors who truly denote that spring has sprung, at least in the city.

Sometimes I wish that I didn’t hear parts of the Sunday message.  Yesterday Pastor John talked about throwing expectations out the window.  As I built my expectations over the weekend, having them tossed out the window this morning was a bit disconcerting.  Haha…the best laid plans. 

So, that is the AM recap.  Lunch is about over…time to dive into ADA approval for something or other.

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