A day in the life of me

I’m just going to come out and say it.  Commuting via public transportation.  Sucks.

This post is not for the queasy of stomach.  Consider yourself warned.

So, tonight I boarded my NJ transit bus at 13th and Market, being the autonomous thirty-something woman I pretend to be.  The back of the bus….yeah, coated in vomit.  *rolls eyes hard*  So, we travel through Philadelphia, over the bridge into Camden.  We stop for 10 minutes.  For what reason?  We find out about 9.5 minutes into our wait that we are getting a new bus, because ours is covered in a bodily fluid.  Once we board the new bus, we take a tour of Camden.  I started to freak out.  You see, one of my biggest fears of commuting is that I will hop on the wrong bus.  We arrive at the NJ Transit terminal (for what reason I still cannot fathom.)  Once we leave the terminal, again we go on a tour that looks nothing like my normal commute.  I start to hyperventilate and my mouth is bone dry.  I can only imagine having to call my mom and ask her to pick me up in Burlington or something.  Finally, I arrive in Woodbury.  I pushed my stop button and jumped off the bus.

I can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow. 

But…I am taking the train tomorrow.  ‘Cause my father has decided that mom needs something to do.  He figures she can take out her mean aggression on me and be happy by the time we get home.  Sure, I’ll slam a few doors and need to have my hair colored.  But at least dad can rest assured that mom’s anger will be diffused by the sucking of my spirit.

I hope that you can read the sarcastic tone.  Or is it real?  I’ll certainly let you know tomorrow 🙂

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