Retail therapy, little league rambles

Today I had a retail therapy day.  Got some new clothes to keep up with the snappy dressers with whom I work.  OK–to at least not look like a schlum next to them.  One of the most valuable lessons that I learned from Pastor Kyle was to dress for the position that you want, not for the position that you have.  I know that God looks into our hearts, but the fact of the matter is that the people around us look at our clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, accessories as well.

Took my sister out for dinner for her birthday.  She’s going to be the big 2-9 on Tuesday. 

Tomorrow is the White’s favorite day of the year.  The first little league practice.  1PM sharp.  I think that we are the only family that shows up to every game AND every practice.  We’re neurotic like that 🙂  Once we get the schedule, I’m going to have to finagle my schedule at work.  I don’t want to miss any games.  I’m the best cheerer in Woodbury 🙂

OK–I’m scaring myself.  I have to get some sleep if there is any chance of me making it to church tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Sunday folks.

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