Something’s coming…

Today as I was walking through the city, I felt like Tony and Maria in West Side Story.  There is something on its way.  I don’t know what it is, but I can feel it in the pit of my being.  I’m feeling rather lyrical today, but I’ve yet to put pen to paper.  There is a good tension in the air…the kind that is exhilarating.

So, today Chill Pastor wrote about me on his blog.  As I read it, I was wondering who the heck he was talking about.  I have to admit…I’d never read the scripture associated with what it is that he wrote.  He made me cry.  At work.  One day…one day I’ll get him back 🙂  Surely our paths will cross one day at a conference or such.  I’ve only been reading his blog for a couple of months, but it seems like I’ve been reading forever.  His childhood friends regularly read my blog.  That kinda blows me away.  Interesting how God links people together over the miles.

So, please brace yourself.  I have a *gasp* song.  For the second time this week.  Enjoy my favorite song from my favorite musical.

4 thoughts on “Something’s coming…

  1. Wow! “Miss I’m Not Musical” sure is busting out the tunes. Way Cool!!! Read Chill Pastor’s blog….{grinning}…so blown away by what God has been doing in your life and that so many people get to see it all unfold! What an amazing journey this has been and just think it really has just begun!!!

  2. Thank you for allowing me to share with my viewers the way God is using you…You are just one of many who are not settling for staus quo as it deals with your walk with Christ…

    And I could tell you many crazy stories about my buddy Bryan…visit him and Blue when you get a chance….

    Blessings from Georgia…


  3. Hi Deneen!

    I love your first paragraph. It excites me!! The way that God is working these days is amazing. The way that He has worked in the lives of Bryan and I in just 3 shorts months is absolutely mind blowing. There is definitely something on its way!!

    Awesome video btw….also one of my favorites!

    Hope you have a blessed night.


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