City of brotherly love…whatever.

patco-train.jpgWell, my bosses and coworkers fly out tomorrow for 6 days for a trade show.  Party on Walnut Street!  In all seriousness, it’s going to be really quiet for the next few days.  I’ll probably be going out of my mind my 11AM tomorrow.   But I did receive a gift card to Starbucks to ease my pain.   Oh yeah…I also get to visit a dentist.  I hope that he doesn’t ask me any questions.  I guess I have to study.

Today I realized that I live in a society that marginalizes older people…treats them poorly…I could go on and on.  This evening the train was absolutely packed.  Two older people stepped onto the train and noone would give up their seat.  I gave my seat to the woman.  She was so sweet…and relieved to have a seat.  She and her husband went into Philadelphia, ironically named the city of brotherly love, to see the annual flower show. 

C’mon people.  Be a decent person and give up your freaking seat.  I know you probably had a long day.  I know that I personally logged in over a mile–probably closer to two in my heels.  In Asia, and in Europe, and in Africa, and in Latin countries elders are respected.  So why, in America, specifically in the “city of brotherly love,” do we treat older people with such contempt?  One day, most likely, you’ll be old.  Wouldn’t you hope that some young whipper snapper would give up their seat for you at that time? 

I’ll get off my soapbox. 

My offer for lunch this week is still open.  I’m probably going to work from home on Thursday because I have a funeral to attend.  Rittenhouse Square does have some of the best food (and shopping, might I add) that the city has to offer.  I know you want to come in. 

One thought on “City of brotherly love…whatever.

  1. I was in NYC with some friends Dec. of 2005. I know it’s not “the city of brotherly love,” and maybe outsiders would think cold shoulders are typical there…but I was pregnant! Every time we got onto the train I had a seat. My companions were in the position to make sure of it. However, the last ride for the night, when I happened to be the most tired I ended up standing for most of it. Actually, not only could I not get a seat, but I was literally jostled away from my friends (including my husband) momentarily. I stood there sort of gaping at the people around me. I even curiously stuck my gut out a bit. I wondered to myself, “Maybe they think I am just fat!” But, a couple people eventually would catch my eye and quickly look away. I finally figured, “well hey, if ya’ll are THAT tired, be my guest.” Once the train pitched a bit and Eric caught my form and he called out to me.
    However, my quite normal and healthy pregnancy was filled with quite a few awkward bystander incidents; quite “bizzaro” from what I expected anyway.

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