Declarations, snow and town hall meetings

chess-board.jpgYesterday I made a declaration.  I publicly stated that I am no longer afraid of what people think of me.  I have decided to be who I am.  I understand that there are some people who are easily offended, so to try to appease them would mean exerting a lot of energy to not offend someone who wants to be offended. 

Today I had the opportunity to put that into action.  Have you ever walked into a situation where there is an underlying tension that is palpable yet unspoken?  That describes today in a nutshell.  I could sense something but I could not name it.  I could have taken the responsibility for the something onto my shoulders.  Very easily.  I wanted to take the responsibility.  But you see, it was not my place to take on something that was not mine.  So, I prayed.  And I walked away unscathed.  I grew a duckfeather today.  One is better than none, right?

Our yearly church business meeting occured this afternoon.  In past churches, I avoided these meetings like the plague.  Our meeting reminded me of a town hall meeting.  We read the notes that were prepared.  We discussed them.  We agreed upon them.  I think that we accomplished something in the meeting.  Then we went out into the snow and headed home.  Good stuff.

I’m finding that the administrative things in life are…not necessarily my cup of tea.  I enjoy the vision casting, discussing what can be and how to get there.  But the everyday workings, while absolutely necessary…not so much.  I enjoy being a part of the process because I want to know how things work.  Knowing how things work helps in the vision casting. 

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