Changing chapters

shakespearebooks1.jpgToday I find myself plowing through Earl Creps’ Off Road Disciplines.  The first half of the book is the personal disciplines section…just what the Doctor ordered.  He raises many questions that have been running through my head…questions that I didn’t really want to ask, but that required answers.  Further, some of the disciplines that he describes confirm actions that I see becoming more prevalent.  His interpretation of modern (or post-modern) culture has allowed me to see myself through a new lens. 

Shortly I will dive into the organizational discpilines half of the book.  Surely more questions will be answered therein.  Perhaps some of the unsettledness that I have experienced as of late will be addressed in the ensuing chapters.  Otherwise, I know Someone who will be addressing them. 

I’m going to be really real.  I can’t wait to begin the new job, the new chapter that God has opened/begun in my life.  Obviously He knows me better than I and knows that it is time.  But I am going to miss the time that I have right now to be reading and diving into spiritual things.  This season is over–and my time will have to be allocated in a way that glorifies my Father in heaven first and foremost.  It will be very interesting to see that distribution active in my life and see what other changes occur as a result. 

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