Lion and the Lamb

I’m obsessed with sports. Seriously obsessed. After my team lost on Sunday, I immediately changed the channel to ESPN2 to watch the Australian Open.One thing that I’ve noticed as of late is the eyes of the athletes. More to the point, the eyes of the champions, the winners, those who have “it” in them to win it all. I heard a sports announcer say about Tom Brady: “He is a pretty boy with the heart of a lion. He’ll smile at you and then tear out your heart.” Please note that is a very loose translation of what was said.

Last night I watched Serena Williams duke it out with Peer for a spot in the semi-finals of the Atustralian Open. Peer is an Israeli and serving in the army. The look in Williams’ eyes would stop any man ten times her size in his tracks.

So what does this have to do with the price of rice in China, you ask? There is something about the intensity of sports that I love. I love the preparation, the strategy, the energy of sports. I’m not an athlete (by far) but I love competition. I love to fight for something in which I believe. I love to win.

How does this translate to my life? This weekend at the women’s retreat, God spoke something to me. He told me that in order to be successful in ministry, I must possess the tenacity of a lion and the gentleness of a lamb. Jesus did. He’s known as the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God.

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