Search my heart oh God

Sunday in church, Pastor John talked about the hard work, heart work that God is going to do in 2007. I know that my heart needs work…man do I know that.

This morning, I had a run-in with my heart. I’m a chronic people-pleaser. I always have a “valid” reason for wanting to please people. But, considering my choice of vocation, or rather the vocation that has been chosen for me, I have to stop this cycle. I have to let my yes be yes and my no be no. Even if it causes hurt feelings. Even if it makes me or the person receiving the answer they do not desire to be uncomfortable.

I have a discerning spirit. I know when I am supposed to say yes, and when I am supposed to say no. Now, I have to utilize the gift that God has given me.

And now I have the opportunity to have a tough conversation with a friend. I like to think of this as an opportunity for growth.

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