Inserting foot into mouth

Last night, after much anticipation, I finally met my friend Brenda’s boyfriend. I went in with a very poor attitude, I admit.

I have no qualms about admitting when I am wrong. And I was wrong about him. He is a great guy. He looks at her like, “I really dig you!” He totally has her best interest at heart, and is not afraid to tell her when she’s wrong. And when he does tell her that she’s wrong, he does it with a gentle spirit, not a, “You are stupid” spirit.

So, if she were to call me tonight and tell me that he proposed, I’d be happy for her. Yes, I still have some reservations about him not being as passionate about God as she is, but I’m pretty sure that he would not stand in the way of her relationship with God.

So, there you have it.

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