Forgiveness & Friends

I love my friends. I love having friends because we challenge one another. Tonight as I was talking to Colleen (there…you are no longer a source close to Deneen. You’ve been named. ) I was utterly and totally challenged. She is planning on sending a birthday card to an old friend, as well as an anniversary card to him and his wife. She may even make them Christmas cookies.

Well, this is to be expected during this time of year, right? How about if those people hurt you? I mean deep wounds, not just idle chatter. I, just last night, prayed for them for the first time in a long time. And she’s thinking of making cookies for them.

I was challenged. In my family, once someone hurts you so deeply, they might as well be dead. My grandmother has not spoken to her half brother and half sister in over 25 years because they did not attend her second wedding–a marriage that lasted all of 12-18 months.

Thankfully, I belong to a new family. In my new family, all of my sins were forgiven in an instant when Jesus gave His life on the cross. For me. If I were the only person who accepted Him, He still would have given His life for me. And let me tell you something. I have denied Him more than Peter. Everyday I do something that equals another lash with a whip that has jagged bones and glass attached to the end. Everyday my sin pounds those nails into His hands and feet. Everyday my mouth pierces His dead body to make sure He’s really dead.

So, who am I to hold animosity toward anyone?

I know that Colleen thought I was joking when I told her that she raised the bar higher than I was willing to reach. I’ve had a perspective change. She certainly has raised the bar. But…I’ve decided I’m up to the challenge.

I’m still not making them cookies, though.

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One Response to Forgiveness & Friends

  1. Colleena says:

    Hey, what are you doing posting at 1:00am? You late night blogger you. For the record I’m trying each day to reach that bar as well.

    How you ask? Love. Each day making a consious choice. Am I going to value people, let go of hurt, keep no record of wrongs, not be self-seeking, rejoice in truth, and persevere all in the name of love?

    Tough choices, glad that I don’t have to lean on my own strength. Will I get it right all the time, NO, but that is part of being human. So thankful that Jesus doesn’t demand perfection.

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