Christmas presents

I remember my first mission trip to Arizona. It was emotionally and physically the most difficult trip to date, of all of my trips. Somehow my zeal for missions was exponentially increased. Definitely a “God thing.” One day, during a devotional time, God gave me a scripture that I immediately internalized. “Anyone who loves hisContinue reading “Christmas presents”

You’re like Dr. Phil or something

This weekend I hosted a parade of marathon phone calls and conversations. It all began with an innocent phone call about 5PM on Friday and didn’t end until about 11PM last night. The calls ranged from the hilarious to the arduous. They all had one common thread. A friend or relative had a need toContinue reading “You’re like Dr. Phil or something”

A reminder of why I want to do what I want to do

God never ceases to astound me. Everytime I think I may understand what He is doing, He reminds me of how high His ways are above mine, and how high His thoughts are above mine. Seriously. He reminds me that my field of vision, compared to His, is like seeing a pin head and thinkingContinue reading “A reminder of why I want to do what I want to do”