All things new

I’m all nestled into my new apartment. I moved from Bella Vista/Hawthorne to Point Breeze. So far, I have found this neighborhood to be much more friendly and welcoming. Walking down the street, people are eager to engage, share a smile. My new neighborhood certainly fits my personality a lot better than my last. I’m thankful that God led me here because of a bright green kitchen.

For years, I’ve been talking about writing. I love writing. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people through this blog. It is officially time to start putting words to paper. I know I’ve got a story to add to the dialogue that is life. I’m in the beginning stages of freelancing. This week, I’m sitting down, setting goals and making a task list to meet those goals.

I started a page on Facebook. You can check it out here: My page is in the developmental stage, but thus far I’ve enjoyed the interaction.

What’s new in your world? Talk to me!


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